vrijdag 22 april 2011

Week 5 holiday in Asia

Day 29 – 16 April 2011 – Lovina & Kuta

24 hrs in Lovina wasn’t the plan. This morning we started @ 5.30hrs for seeing the dolphins. For some reason you seem to forget you’re not the only one who want to see the dolphins so when we were on sea we noticed more boats with same orange color life jackets hunting for seeing dolphins. This was real bisar while the total of boats where about 40 with +/- 160 people looking for dolphins and this is low season! Our boatman told us in high season (July / August) there will be 150 boats. Any way we started with some luck while 2 dolphins showed up really near our boat. Later we’ve seen more and depending where the dolphins showed all the boats followed. Real surrealistic! But to be honest to see the dolphins in real life it give something cute & sweet. So we were happy we’ve seen them. Then in our package we had some snorkeling which I skipped because after Siladen it’s hard to beat that. The French couple in our boat & Natasja gave it a try but after 5 minutes they were done. So we went back.

Back in the homestay Natasja & I didn’t feel to stay here any longer so we decided to go back to Kuta and wait not any minute longer. Natasja arranged a driver for 350.000 rupiah and within 24 hrs we were back in Matahari Bungalows where we felt home again and above all relaxed.

Day 30 – 17 April 2011 – Kuta

It was the best decision to go back to Kuta and stay here till we go to Sanur.
In the end of the morning we went to be beach and took some surf lessons. This was really cool. Unfortunately Natasja has a weak wrist and had to quit surfing while I continued. Surfing is really tiring and I didn’t expect I would get tired in my arms and shoulders. So after 2 hrs with some breaks I quit surfing as well. Also some blisters where coming up.

We relaxed at the swimming pool back in the hotel.

Day 31 – 18 April 2011 – Kuta

Relaxing day in the hotel, buying some souvenirs.

Day 32 – 19 April 2011 – Sanur

Our day for Sanur and some sightseeing around Ubud. But first we checked in @ Tandjung Sari hotel, a place where heaven & paradise meet each other.

After a quick look around of the bungalow with own private garden (outdoor shower, lounge set), shooting pics we went to the taxi driver to go to Ubud for lunch, some sightseeing & searching for the right souvenirs.

Checking in @ Tandjung Sari we continued to Ubud for eating suckling pig @ Warung Ibu Oka and buy some souvenirs in Celuk.

In Celuk we had a good bargain. End of the afternoon we were back in Tandjung Sari where we really enjoyed our luxurious bungalow. We took a swim in the pool and relaxed in our own garden on the lounge set.

Day 33 – 20 April 2011 – Sanur
Vulcano Agung

After sunrise the light gets brighter & the beach is a beauty & hotel Tandjung Sari is heaven & paradise all together.

Sailing boats on the beach.

Swimming pool in Tandjung Sari

Relaxing day at the beach starting with watching sunrise at 6hrs followed by breakfast.

The food of the hotel is so good and not too expensive so we didn’t leave the premises.

Day 34 – 21 April 2011 – Sanur

Another relaxing day but home in our mind. Being here in Tandjung Sari is the best place to end our holiday. We are looking forward going home where spring time started and we love to enjoy our own garden and go cycling.

Private beach of Tandjung Sari
Today I stay away from the sun while I’m slightly burnt yesterday. So relaxing in the bungalow while Natasja is enjoying here last day at the beach.

Day 35 – 22 April 2011 – Singapore & Batam

We go back via Singapore, via Batam (short visit Glenn) to Holland was the plan. Since yesterday I got tired and my head is in Holland. So thinking of travelling to Singapore going to Batam bothers me. In the plane from Bali to Singapore I suggest Natasja to try to change the flight for tonight.

In Changi airport we go to Terminal 3 and at the Singapore Airlines ticketing desk we got help smooth & swiftly. With no charge we can take the plane tonight. We are relieved! Only bother is cancelling our visit to Glenn. I already talked with Glenn on the phone but I have to inform him we go straight to Holland. Luckily after checking in we have WIFI at the airport and we inform him. We stay here at Changi till we can take the plane to Amsterdam. Is no problem while Terminal 3 is big & exiting. We even visited the (inhouse) butterfly garden!

We are going home to Holland where the temperatures are summer high & we die for a glass of wine (or bottle) knowing we have Prosecco in the house. And I’m so curious how our garden looks like.

Our holiday was fantastic! Now it’s time enjoying life in our own favorite place called home.

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