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Week 3 holiday in Asia

Day 15 – 2 April 2011 - Siladen
Our 2nd day on Siladen and we love it. Snorkling again and enjoying doing not much than snorkeling and eating. So in between finally time to have a rest a lot of sleep while Jakart & family was bit tiring although unforgettable & fine. We really enjoyed meeting everybody but a day for ourselves was nice after 2 weeks of many impressions.

But just in the afternoon the clouds came & the wind made the sea wild like hell. So we had to stay in our bungalow watching the sea raging by. It became so heavy that even water was smashed in our bungalow. We could keep it dry by cover up the entrance. At this time we didn’t know it was 1 of the heaviest times in Manado while a day later we learned that many damages were on the main land. Een in Tomohon Gardenia had damage in the garden. Some dutch snorkeling tourist had trouble in the water & the boat taxi captain told us a day later that 6 boats collapsed on Manado harbor.

Before I went on holiday I was afraid of a Tsunami knowing I was 2 nights on Siladen. But now being on the island Natasja & I feel very calm with this storm. Luckily … I slightly worried my stuff would get wet in the room … that was all.

Day 16 – 3 April 2011 - Siladen

Stuck an extra day on Siladen is no burden but I had mixed feelings while this day was the day to go back to Manado where we would be present at Libby Sinsuw’s birthday party. But because of the heavy sea in the harbor of Manado we couldn’t go back. Strange while the sea around Siladen was quiet and the sun was shining. So we went snorkeling …

While snorkeling we went to new places along the shore and at last we found NEMO!!! This was one of our wishes but besides the coral is full of beautiful fishes you can enjoy & never got bored.
Only thing is … we got heavily sunburnt. So bad that it gave us 2 days of pain all over our legs. Time flies when snorkeling here and there.

Day 17 – 4 April 2011 – Manado & Tomohon

From Siladen we went back to Manado at 8.30hrs and where picked up by Hendra (family of Moon of Tantamoon luxury bungalows). He was so kind to bring us to the ATM bank (withdraw money) and deliver us at Yetje Ine Winerungan’s hotel Sahid where we could use internet in the restaurant. Yetje was there and with Eduardo, they brought us to Oma Ietje. We had to meet oma Ietje and stayed there for 1,5 hrs. Then they brought us to Tomohon where we arrived in the afternoon.
Tinoor Jaya restaurant

But before we arrived at Gardenia we had lunch at Tinoor Jaya restaurant with a great panorama view on Manado bay. This was the restaurant I visited 21 years ago with my grandparents. We ate the same local food.

At last we arrived in Tomohon @ Gardenia where we were flabercasted by the bungalow, garden & climate. The sun was shining and with our camera we made lot of pictures while all exotic birds were present. This was heaven.

In the evening we had bbq in the restaurant. Really price/quality is 5 star!!! Service is fantastic … we’ll come back here for a much longer stay.
Again 21 years ago I visited this place with my grandparents. We met dr. L. Ratulangi in the evening and showed him my dvd of 1990 where small footage was made of the beginning of Gardenia. He loved it.

Day 18 – 5 April 2011 – Tomohon & Kawangkoan & Tondano

Our day we were all by our self. The day I wake up at 5 am and having a walk through this beautiful garden of Gardenia AND the day I realized in this garden of Eden I want to come back to Tomohon & Gardenia for honeymoon. This was the moment to ask Natasja to marry me next year on 2 June 2012. The day we’ll change our ‘registered partnership’ into marriage.

So after my realization of the moment I went back to the bungalow and wake up Natasja asking directly if she want to marry me … she said YES I WILL.

It was a good start and our breakfast in the garden was with a view on the mountain Lokon. This is paradise!

After breakfast we went by public transport (Angkut) to Kawangkoan to look for the family graves. With the help of Juniadi Wowiling (student English teacher) & asking around we took a Bendi (horse transport car) to the cemetery where by coincidence we’ve met a family member of Warokka. She (Maitymmamahit) & I have the same great great grandfather!

After shooting pictures we realized we ran out of time and so back via Tomohon we went to Tondano to meet family of Janine Warokka (her mothers side). Stanley & Wisye showed us around by Bendi and brought us to Tondano Lake where we ate mujair (local lake fish, delicious) at the popular restaurant Tomou Tou. In the end we went back home feeling satisfied & tired.

Day 19 – 6 April 2011 – Bukit Kasih & Amurang

11hrs was the plan to leave so Natasja & I could enjoy our breakfast and the garden of Gardenia. It never bores.

Anyway the family Winerungan was slightly late (in time for Indonesian expectations, normally they have ‘Jam Karet’ (rubber timeclock)) but showed up with 3 cars & 14 people!
With most of the family on the picture: Danny Winerungan, Veron, son of Yetje, Yetje, Natasja, Rose, Treesje, Meiske, daugther of Treesje, girl: daughter of Yetje & boy: Samuel (son of Olva). Missing: Olva, Eduardo, Brando

On our way to Bukit Kasih, a place where a monument has been built about 5 religions who can live together here in Minahasa. Not good maintained but the symbol is fabulous. The souvenir sellers where in larger quantity presented. With 3 kids of the family we took the long stairs to the 5 religions, not without sweating! It took us a small hour to be back to the rest of the family who stayed at the restaurant below, ‘makan terus’ (continuing eating). We got hot water served for our feet & boiled jagung (corn) as a well deserved treat after our walk.

Then our trip went to Amurang where I want to visit the family graves of my Oma’s parents & the grandparents of my Opa. But first lunch time in Amurang @ Pondok Bambu where we ate very nice fish (ikan bakar laut) with cap tikus (alcoholic 40% palm wine) & es jeruk (lemon drink). @ 16hrs I started worrying because everybody was still eating while sunset started slowly & we need to go to 2 places! Mentioning this made the whole group in the car within 10 minutes.
My great grandparents buried in Amurang of my grandmothers side

We first went to my great grandparents grave.

Oma Esther Tumbuan
Next we picked up my oma Esther Tumbuan (90 years!!!) who will show us the other graves like she did 21 years ago when I visited the graveyard with her & my grandparents. But we couldn’t find the graves immediately, so started stressing again. This day was family graves day! And also Danny wanted to show us his parents (different graveyard (third spot) and the family house. Luckily the whole family started looking and just before I needed flashlight we found the graves of my great great grandparents of my Opa Wahr’s side. Charly Walsen & Isabella Tambajong. I was relaxed now and we went of to Danny’s family graves and the family house of which my oma Lien Mundung – Warokka has lived.

Family grave of my grandfather's side: Charly Walsen & Tambajong on his mothers side
Here Henny Winerungan (sister of Danny) welcomed us with tea & Minahasa delight.

Day 20 – 7 April 2011 – Manado & Bitung

Dr. Leonard Ratulangi of Gardenia

Natasja & I enjoyed our last breakfast @ Gardenia in Tomohon. Had a chat with dr. Leonard Ratulangi & his wife. They can use some promotion. We are double with this. We’d like to share this garden of Eden but on the other hand we prefer to keep it our secret otherwise we aren’t alone in this wonderful & peaceful garden with service on high level, food & drinks on high level, wifi, accommodation with astonishing view on mountain Lokon. All this for a unbelievable low price. We stayed 3 nights including big breakfast & dinner, much laundry, wifi in the room etc for 280 euro! Oh yes & including taxi back to Manado. Sounds a lot but for a 4 or 5 star bungalow in a botanical garden it’s cheap. We’ll be back!
Adorable loving couple Libby & Peter

@ 10.15hrs we arrived @ Libby’s Kopitiam (behind Bahu Mall) where we looked at the view of Manado Tua & having drink before we put our luggage at her home. Good company by Peter (her husband) having fun! He’s an adorable & funny man.
Fish farm of Libby & Peter

From the house we take of to Bitung where we’ll visit their fish farm. The water in the harbor is surprisingly clean, so a good place to farm fish. But no wind so to warm for us for a couple of hours chilling. So within 1 hour we go back and in Girian kampong we visit the family graves. Good to pay a visit to the loving parents & grandmother of Libby.
Parents of Libby in Girian (Bitung)

In the beginning of the evening we’re back, do our mandi (washing & changing clothes) and go to the restaurant in Kalasey. Libby & Peter has brought their own crabs.
Oma Ietje, Ecky & Trees follow soon. And by surprise luckily also Danny & Meiske Winerungan, Treesje Winerungan & later on Yetje Ine Winerungan with husband.
Best fish cook in Manado @ Kalasey
Grouper fish

parrot fish (which we've seen a lot during snorkling! zielig maar lekker)
The fish: Grouper, Red Snapper & Parrotfish and crabs. All delicious by taste & cooking. We all enjoyed.

The big bunch we've treated for farewell dinner
@ Kalasey fish restaurant with Libby, Peter, Ivana & Jilly (daughters) and Oma Ietje, Ecky, Treesje & Sella and Danny & Meiske Winerungan, Treesje Winerungan. Later followed by Yetje Ine Winerungan and husband.
It was our treat and the total cost (without the crabs !!) 755.000 rupiah (65 euro) for 14 people.

 Also some cap tikus (heavy palm alcohol drink of 40%) was bought for us on request. Natasja & I needed a drink. This made us in a singing mood starting off with ‘Tulpen uit Amsterdam’, ‘Brandend Zand’ and so the family wanted to sing a Minahasa song. And they teached us along the night. This was really special for us. It made me cry & feel I’m part of these people who all have been so warm, helpful & joyful. They already gave us unforgettable days.
We sing a Minahasa song, supported by the family (Treesje on the left, Meiske on the right)

Day 21 – 8 April 2011 Makasar (transit to Tana Toraja)

Wake up @ 8 hrs with a slight hangover but a good  night sleep after a wonderful night. Libby, Peter, Ivana & Jilly brought us to Sam Ratulangi airport. We took of with LionAir to Makassar where we took the night bus to Toraja ... our new episode.

Nightbus to Toraja

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  1. Thank you! How much time do you spend writing? Wow, what a nice long report. So glad that you are enjoying your stay, Rose and Tasja!!! Love xxx

  2. Hi Rod, in the plane & everytime we don't have internet i try to keep up. 3rd week was the most intense week.